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Treating Hard-to-Remove Carpet Stains

A client spills his coffee on the white carpet at work. Your child drops his open sippy cup with grape juice on your den floor. The office luncheon ends up with splattered sauce on shoes that gets spread throughout the office.  We have all been there.  A small stain can send the wrong message to clients and can drive you just as mad at home.  So how do you treat hard-to-remove carpet stains?   Let’s look at some of the tricks of the trade that may help you.

  • Start by blotting (not wiping) the stain with a clean cloth and some cold water. You risk ruining the carpet fibers or spreading the stain by scrubbing.
  • Water Soluble Stains – for stains such as alcoholic beverages, berries, colas, food dyes, ice cream, jelly, milk, mud, washable ink or wet or latex paint use a simple cleaning solution made up of 1/4 teaspoon of non bleach detergent mixed with 32 ounces of water.  Again blot and remove working from the outside of the stain in.
  • Special Water Soluble Stains such as blood, coffee or tea try ammonia (1 Teaspoon) mixed with one cup of water .
  • Water but not too much – be sure not to over soak the stain as it may ruin the backing of the carpet pad.
  • For old Stains – for a stain that was hidden or not cleaned up immediately yu will want to choose a cleaning agent and let it set for a bit before beginning to work on rubbing gently at the carpet fibers.

Please be aware that not all stains are removable. Like everything its always best to call a professional even for some advice. All carpets are different, all stains are different. Cleaning carpets can be a chemistry game. Call us if you have questions or would like us to take a look at your hard-to-treat stain.

What is Green Cleaning?

We have all heard the term “green” when referring to recycling, automobiles and energy usage, but what exactly is Green Cleaning?  This is not a simple answer. Green Cleaning can have a lot of interpretations, but the main goal of green cleaning is to use cleaning solutions and methods that keep our environment healthy.

For some homes and businesses cleaning green means using only substances like baking soda, vinegar, and lemons to clean the home or business surfaces. For others it means using manufactured green cleaning products that are healthy for the environment. While for even others it means avoiding all phosphates, chlorine, artificial fragrances, and artificial colors. Some people look for biodegradable cleaners while others are looking for ingredients that are grown organically or using sustainable farming practices.  So as you can see “Green” may mean different things to different people.

No matter how you define it,the reason why people choose Green cleaning is fairly universal.  Most people would say that minimizing toxicity in the environment, and minimizing the consumption of natural resources, ultimately leaving the smallest ecological footprint possible during the cleaning process are the reasons they subscribe to this method.

The average worker spends 90% of their day indoors surrounded by the chemicals and solutions from carpets, upholstery, and cleaning products that can be hazardous to the air conditions. The University of Toronto reports that  exposure to hazardous cleaning products can range from eye irritation to coughing, chest pain, vomiting, cramps, and diarrhea. 11.6% of work-related asthma comes from cleaning products. In addition, people who suffer from multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome, a disease that is not fully understood or recognized by the medical community, feel that low level exposure to chemicals, such as cleaning products, cause them to feel sick.

Regardless of what your interpretation of Green Cleaning is, we can work with your company to clean in a way that is safe for workers and the least harmful for the environment.

Tips to Organize your Garage

Has your garage become the dumping spot for all the things that don’t fit into your house? Having trouble finding tools, equipment, toys, or bins of storage? Maybe it is time to organize your garage space to make it functional and (dare I say) attractive.  Here are some tips to help you get started organizing your garage.


  1. Start Sorting – Pull out items and group them in your yard by kind.  For example:  bikes, sports gear, garden tools, Holiday decorations, tools etc.
  2. Consolidate and Store – Sell or donate items that you really don’t need or are duplicates.  Once you have an idea of how many sports balls you have check out storage solutions online or at your local hardware store.  Here are some great ideas on Pinterest Storage Solutions.
  3. Install Storage – once you have a good grasp of how much stuff will be going back into your garage plan out your storage solutions.  For example don’t just think about the floors and walls remember a ceiling hook is a great place to hang bikes and save on space.  Invest in a peg board to hang tools, bins for toys and a rack for garden tools.  The more organization you use the easier it will be to find things when you really need them.
  4. Make it your own!  Jazz up the space with a funky paint on the floor or walls.  Install a speaker for music while you work or do something that shows off your personality.  The garage no longer has to be the dumping ground.

Window Cleaning Tips

It is amazing what cleaning your windows will do for the outlook of a room or business.  Whether you clean your home windows only a few times a year or you have a business that is at sidewalk level and needs to be cleaned on a more regular basis, no one looks forward to the sometimes daunting task.  Who really wants to deal with drips, streaks, and soap residue. One of the most frequently asks question in our business is how we get the windows so sparkling clean all the time.  Part of our success is our years of experience and our tools of choice but here are some tips you can try on your own.


  1. Choose the right day to clean – do not choose a day that is too sunny because the window may dry too fast and streak. Choose instead an overcast or partly cloudy day.
  2. Use a washing pattern so you can tell which side has a streak. For example, wash one side of a window with horizontal strokes and the other side with vertical strokes so you can pinpoint which side of the window has a streak.
  3. Choose the right cleaning tools.  A squeegee is best to wipe away all the residue without leaving parts of a paper towel or dust pieces from a rag.  Microfiber cloths are especially helpful when shining up a window.  Rub a clean blackboard eraser over a freshly washed and dried window to give it a diamond-bright shine.
  4. Treat scratches.Eliminate tiny scratches on glass by polishing the affected areas with toothpaste.
  5. Don’t forget the corners!  Use a soft toothbrush or cotton swab to clean corners.
  6. Clean dirty screens first. Screens that are left in all year may have a buildup of dirt.  Vacuum or blow the dirt from the screens or the first breeze coming in the window will get those windows dirty once again.

Benefits of Outsourcing your Business Cleaning

Between the phone calls, conferences, meetings with clients, paperwork, and any of the myriad of things you do to keep your office going everyday, having the motivation to clean the space or to train someone to do it is probably not high on your list of things you enjoy about work.  Whether it is the lobby where you greet clients or the break room where employees gather or even the bathrooms, keeping your office neat and most importantly clean says a lot about the type of business you run. Outsourcing your cleaning will save you time, money, and stress.    Here are some reasons why you should consider outsourcing your cleaning services.


  1. Less Hassle and Better Morale –  save yourself or employees the time they spend cleaning by removing such a responsibility from their daily duties.  In an office that lacks a dedicated cleaning service, the job usually falls on the shoulders of administrative staff or rotates the responsibility to lower level administrative positions.  Many times this much hated task leads to low morale and unfortunately a slow in production.
  2. Focus on what is critical to the company.  When all personnel are focused on their specific role without having to think about the daily cleaning of the office they have a chance to focus on their hired task.
  3. Expert cleaning – By outsourcing cleaning your office gets the benefit of people who know what they are doing, can do it efficiently and have the most effective cleaning products and the most innovative equipment to let them do their job well.
  4. Cost Effective – outsourcing cleaning services can have a significant impact on your bottom line. First, there is generally an immediate cost savings in part because an expert cleaning staff can get more done in less time and a professional maintenance company procures optical pricing on equipment, supplies and refillable goods like toilet paper, towels and hand soap. In addition, beyond immediate cost cutting measures there is the elimination of the sizable costs of recruiting, screening, hiring, training and managing employees.