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Habits of Effective Cleaners

When it comes to business, nothing is more important than making a positive first impression.  This includes your brand, web site, print material, employees and, of course, your offices.  Have you ever wondered how some companies do it. . . keeping the office spotless, organized and neat around the clock? It is a common question we get here at J. Barrett.  Here are some of our tips of effective cleaners.  Obviously hiring a professional team would be optimal in keeping your office in “tip “top” shape  from the carpet to windows and bathrooms and kitchens – but if that is not an option here are some ideas to follow.

  • Practice – Cleaning is something that all of us can do but doing it often brings a special skill the more one practices it.  Practice makes perfect!  The more an employee gets used to cleaning a specific area the more routine it will become.
  • Create  a cleaning plan  –   Plan for specific employees to tidy each area “as they go”  to maintain the visual appearance throughout the day.  Then have specific areas  assigned to employees to clean at the end of each day. For example,  one may take care of the coffee service, the lobby, the furniture, the carpeting, windows.  “Many hands make light work.”  The more people who are invested in the cleanliness of the office the better.
  • Stay organized – If paperwork is overwhelming at your company, you may want to have a ritual to file and shred daily to stay on top of the mounting piles that can look unsightly.  If you don’t have a system to file and store documents, you may want to discuss this with a specialists or professional that can help you with both physical documents and electronic filing.
  • Keep supplies handy – Most offices keep supplies well out of view of clients and visitors but it is a good idea to keep them handy enough for quick clean ups between appointments.  There are often spills of messes that need to be dealt with so keep wipes, towels, and sprays safe but nearby.

Cleaning Resolutions for 2014

Now is the time for  New Year’s Resolutions.  While most people make it a priority to eat healthier, exercise more or set personal goals for themselves, as a business owner you may want to consider some cleaning resolutions for your business.  Let’s look at some things that you may want to consider in the new year for the health and benefit of your company both  in the eyes of your employees and clients.

Stay Organized – One thing that small businesses always should stay on top of is the clutter in and around work stations.  Create a system for filing this year that makes it easy and keeps counter and desk tops free of paper work.  Possibly set up a schedule that makes filing and decluttering a priority.

Think about Employee and Client Health – With the rise of the flu and colds this winter season, many people feel like they are being inundated by germs at every turn.  A properly cleaned and disinfected work space can mean the world to people working and visiting your office.  Make it a resolutions to keep disinfectant wipes nearby for post client visits, and to maintain the health of workers.  Keep antibacterial gel available in the bathrooms and common areas sending the message that you care about your clients and want to defend against the spread of germs and sickness.

Clean the Heating/Cooling Systems – While most companies may be happy with a dust free lobby and spotless bathrooms, maintaining a health heating and cooling system is a great resolution this year.  According to the U.S. Department of Energy the average six-room house/office collects 40 pounds of dust, dirt, and allergens in its ventilation system each year.  A regular cleaning of these systems can save you money in illnesses and equipment maintenance.

Let 2014 be the year your business reaches not only new heights in services and products but also in the cleanliness and healthiness for your business interior.