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Benefits of Professional Power Washing Part II

There are numerous benefits to hiring a professional cleaning service to power wash your business.  Cleaning the roof, patio, walkway and entrance to your business can not only create a positive first impression of your company, it can rejuvenate the grimy surfaces that have been exposed to the elements for many months.  Let’s look at the major benefits to hiring a professional to clean the exterior of your business.

  • Get those hard to reach spots.  When walls and windows are out-of-reach, a pressure washer’s wand can deliver better results than taking out the ladder and scrubbing away the discoloration or dirt.  Many people try to do this task on their own but a trained professional will have the right tools for safely cleaning areas.
  • Environmentally friendly.  By using a straight water wash or choosing a green solution, washing with a power wash will take away the dirt and residue without harsh chemicals.
  • Bring on the gleaming sparkle. If used correctly, it is a very safe way to bring back the sparkle. But the key word in that sentence is “correctly”. It’s easy to over-wash an area, exposing a part of your target that you didn’t want to see. Being prepared before the job or hiring a professional is the best way to avoid this mistake.
  • Preventative Maintenance. Preventive maintenance on the exterior of your office building is a must to keep the appearance looking the way it should. Preventive maintenance by pressure washing helps to cut down on costly repairs due to damage caused by algae, mold and mildew.  By keeping the exterior of your property maintained and clean, you will extend the life of building materials.

Power Washing your Business Part I

Salt, dirt, dust and debris.  In the world of cleaning windows and the outdoor surfaces of your business, these four items are considered the enemy.  After a long winter exposed to the elements, power washing may be your best solution to keeping a clean and polished appearance on your business.  This “first impression” is extremely important to your business.  John Aust, President of the National Association of Real Estate Appraisers claims that, “A good first appearance on a home or business can add as much as 5 to 10 percent to the value of the home or business.” Let’s look at the benefits of power washing for your company.

The dangers of the elements.    After each season, most especially the long winter season, businesses should consider the damage that nature’s elements can have on the outside of your property whether it is siding, asphalt, concrete, metal or plastic.  Dust and dirt can make your exterior look dingy and dirty.  This is not exactly the message you want to send to clients or even potential clients.  Mold and Mildew can also begin to build up even in the colder climates.  If your business is in an area close to trees or plants residue such as tree sap can be difficult to remove.

The Benefits of Power Washing – Power washing can be the answer to all of these problems especially if the area needing to be cleaned is difficult to get to or needs a bit of elbow grease.  Power washing can restore the cleanliness and even the life of the exterior of your business by removing the dirt, salt, mold and mildew that has the power to damage existing exteriors. Power washing is also one of the most cost effective ways to increase the value of your existing structure.  In addition, this simple act of power washing can save time, money and aggravation of future repairs.  By protecting your largest investment power washing should be a regular part of your business maintenance program.