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Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

The kitchen and break room is one of the busiest and most over used yet under cleaned places at your office.  Even with notes and reminders to “clean up after yourself,” it tends to be a room that is a haven for grease, dirt, grime and in some cases bacteria. The combination can make for an unhealthy environment and a not-so-happy place to spend a much needed lunch break. Let’s look at the benefits of hiring a professional cleaning company to keep your company’s kitchen a place where employees can socialize in a sparkling clean surroundings.

Regular commercial cleaning will bring many benefits including:

  1. Professional cleaning takes the stress off employees who may rotate cleaning the area.  This frees them up to concentrate on the priorities of the company. It also can ensure a more thorough and detailed cleaning of grout, cracks, crevices appliances and a regular clean out of the ever crowed kitchen refrigerator.
  2.  Regular cleaning can eradicate bacteria that can grow unchecked. Maintaining good hygiene is important for the health and safety of all employees. No one wants a sick day for e-coli poisoning.
  3. A clean kitchen can boost the morale of employees that enjoy sitting and relaxing during lunch breaks.
  4. If your kitchen has an oven hood – proper cleaning can not only stop the spread of grease and grime but also stop a fire from sparking up inadvertently.
  5. Professionals are fast and complete.  Many cleaning companies can get the job done faster and more thoroughly due to the use of specialized equipment and their expertise at cleaning.  After hours cleaning can also save unnecessary noise and confusion during the work day.
  6. Attention to detail – Companies that specialize in janitorial services, window cleaning services, and other cleaning services will know exactly what to do to keep your establishment looking the very best. This is because they are experienced at what they do and they know how to pay attention to detail.

Importance of Post Construction Cleaning

After spending a boatload of time and money on a home or business remodel or new construction at your company or home, you may be shocked at how much dirt, debris and dust is left over after the workmen leave.  Hiring a professional company to take care of the finishing touches will leave you with less stress and a final presentation that you can be proud of and immediately show off to family, friends, or clients.

Every remodel or construction project is unique and requires a different set of clean up jobs to make your new home or business looking clean, organized and in short, “picture-perfect”. Let’s look at the importance and benefits of post construction cleaning for your latest projects.

  • Trash – After each stage of remodeling, trash can be en eye sore to neighbors and can leave a negative image with future clients as they watch your remodel in action.  Trash pick up at each stage of the project can make a work area look organized and tidy.
  • Exterior construction clean up – Walkways, entrance ways and patios are the first image visitors see of your new construction area.  Sweeping, power washing and a general wipe down of all exterior fixtures can do wonders to make a great first impression.
  • Interior clean up – Once all tools and construction equipment is removed, a professional cleaning company can wipe down walls, floors and get a layer of construction dust removed. A vacuuming and cleaning of all carpets will get all dirt and debris and possibly that construction smell out of the area.  A major detailing then should bring out the shine of all windows, lights, door knobs and hinges. This will make sure that every surface  of your project sparkles.

Hiring a professional cleaner to showcase your new construction can take the stress of the owner while at the same time showing off the beautiful workmanship that was just completed.