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Benefits of Professional Power Washing Part II

There are numerous benefits to hiring a professional cleaning service to power wash your business.  Cleaning the roof, patio, walkway and entrance to your business can not only create a positive first impression of your company, it can rejuvenate the grimy surfaces that have been exposed to the elements for many months.  Let’s look at the major benefits to hiring a professional to clean the exterior of your business.

  • Get those hard to reach spots.  When walls and windows are out-of-reach, a pressure washer’s wand can deliver better results than taking out the ladder and scrubbing away the discoloration or dirt.  Many people try to do this task on their own but a trained professional will have the right tools for safely cleaning areas.
  • Environmentally friendly.  By using a straight water wash or choosing a green solution, washing with a power wash will take away the dirt and residue without harsh chemicals.
  • Bring on the gleaming sparkle. If used correctly, it is a very safe way to bring back the sparkle. But the key word in that sentence is “correctly”. It’s easy to over-wash an area, exposing a part of your target that you didn’t want to see. Being prepared before the job or hiring a professional is the best way to avoid this mistake.
  • Preventative Maintenance. Preventive maintenance on the exterior of your office building is a must to keep the appearance looking the way it should. Preventive maintenance by pressure washing helps to cut down on costly repairs due to damage caused by algae, mold and mildew.  By keeping the exterior of your property maintained and clean, you will extend the life of building materials.

Hard Water Stains

While rain water is incredibly beneficially to our environment, it can wreak havoc on cars and windows.   In some areas of the country, the water has a high content of minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. This water is called hard water. Hard water is a designation that means the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) count in the water is very high. It also means that once the water has evaporated from the surface unsightly and hard-to-remove stains appear.  These spots can even cause irreparable damage to your windows if you don’t get rid of them quickly.

Bathroom surfaces, outside facing windows and car surfaces are the most common areas to find hard water stains.  Ordinary cleaning techniques usually don’t completely erase water spots caused by hard water, unless of course it is cleaned right away Let’s be honest,  who really has the time to clean every single time we use the water after we wash the dishes or water the lawn?   A professional cleaning company can maintain the beauty of your windows but you may want to also try some home remedies that may egin to solve the problem.

  • Water and Vinegar Solution – Prepare a mixture of 50% water, and 50% white vinegar. Soak a wash towel in the mixture and then press against the windows keeping the area wet.  The vinegar should soften the water water stains.  Wipe and press the towel on the window until the spots disappear. You may need to repeat the process several times for sites with a lot of water spots.
  • Toothpaste! Believe it or not white toothpaste can remove stains. Squeeze a dollop of toothpaste on a paper towel, add a little water, then apply the mixture on the glass as if you’re waxing a car. Thoroughly rinse the glass, then use a squeegee to remove excess water and toothpaste. The spots should be completely gone or at least reduced.
  • Steel Wool –  Steel wool doesn’t scratch glass, and actually polishes it. Lots of car owners use steel wool to clean their windshields when water spots form on them. You may use steel wool in combination with whatever cleaner you want, whether vinegar or a commercial window cleaner.

Window Cleaning Tips

It is amazing what cleaning your windows will do for the outlook of a room or business.  Whether you clean your home windows only a few times a year or you have a business that is at sidewalk level and needs to be cleaned on a more regular basis, no one looks forward to the sometimes daunting task.  Who really wants to deal with drips, streaks, and soap residue. One of the most frequently asks question in our business is how we get the windows so sparkling clean all the time.  Part of our success is our years of experience and our tools of choice but here are some tips you can try on your own.


  1. Choose the right day to clean – do not choose a day that is too sunny because the window may dry too fast and streak. Choose instead an overcast or partly cloudy day.
  2. Use a washing pattern so you can tell which side has a streak. For example, wash one side of a window with horizontal strokes and the other side with vertical strokes so you can pinpoint which side of the window has a streak.
  3. Choose the right cleaning tools.  A squeegee is best to wipe away all the residue without leaving parts of a paper towel or dust pieces from a rag.  Microfiber cloths are especially helpful when shining up a window.  Rub a clean blackboard eraser over a freshly washed and dried window to give it a diamond-bright shine.
  4. Treat scratches.Eliminate tiny scratches on glass by polishing the affected areas with toothpaste.
  5. Don’t forget the corners!  Use a soft toothbrush or cotton swab to clean corners.
  6. Clean dirty screens first. Screens that are left in all year may have a buildup of dirt.  Vacuum or blow the dirt from the screens or the first breeze coming in the window will get those windows dirty once again.

Why Clean Windows are important for Your Business

Keeping your office windows clean may not be high on your daily priority list but keeping your windows clean with a commercial window cleaning service is an investment in your business that pays off. Believe it or not clean windows can contribute to your company’s income in several vital ways.  Let’s look at why keeping a clean appearance is so important for the vitality of your business.

  • Like windows into our souls.  Just like the old saying that the eyes are the window into a person’s soul. . . well windows are the view others have into your business soul.  A dirty, streaky appearance may communicate a business in decline.  Brightness and clarity indicate a business that is intelligent and in good health.
  • Professionalism – In these hard economic times it might be easy to cut back on window cleaning to save a few dollars.  Be careful what that may say about your business however.  If the view into your office looks less than clean, it may indicate a lack of vitality and may shake consumer confidence in your company.  It may also cause an unspoken shadow over your professionalism.
  • Value: Businesses often have displays at which passersby can look, and you don’t want them to view your displays through dust, cobwebs, and stains. It reduces the viewer’s estimate of the value of what is there.

Therefore, hiring a professional window cleaning service makes good financial sense, as window cleaning is not a job for amateurs. Small businesses are unlikely to have the proper tools, expertise, or interest in doing a complete window-cleaning job on their own. Consider a regular service of window cleaning as it will add value and help show off your business as a healthy and professional company.