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Winter-Proofing your Business

Winter weather is right around the corner.  The New England climate and precipitation can be unpredictable and harsh.  While hardy New Englanders  know how to stay warm and  bundle up, don’t forget to winterize your workplace.  Here are some of our ideas for winter-proofing your business for safety and cleanliness.

  1. Duct Cleaning – Now that the heat is needed daily the duct work that brings the warmth to your office should be cleaned and checked seasonally for safety and for dusting.  Airborne bacteria, dust and mold can build up in the duct work and should be thoroughly cleaned
  2. Protect the floors – Whether your office has hard wood , tile or carpeting, keeping the floors spotless from the debris, mud, snow and dirt that is brought in from outdoors is just one of the things to consider when winterizing your business.  Regular cleanings, especially after storms is a must along with ensuring the floors are not slippery or unsightly.
  3. Sidewalk and Parking Lot winterizing – Snow, ice and salt are major parts of daily life here in New England.  Making sure your parking lot is free of hazardous conditions is important when hosting clients at your office.  Be sure to maintain the integrity of the outdoors as well as the indoors.  Professional cleaning indoors and out can make your business safe and inviting to clients and employees.