Forgotten Cleaning Spots

No one likes to hear, “You missed a spot!” when they have been dutifully cleaning whether it is the office or at home.  There are many spots however that most people, either accidentally or purposefully miss when cleaning.  Professional cleaners know not only how to clean but the where cleaning can sometimes be overlooked.  Getting all those nooks and crannies is important to keep the view of your business positive.  Let’s look at some of the places that many people miss when cleaning the office that could be detrimental to the way clients may perceive you and your company.

  1. Underneath furniture – While most clients will not move the furniture to check that it has been cleaned underneath, dust and dust piles can build up and create a dirty look around the footprint of your furniture.
  2. Behind Electronics – Most offices have desktop computers, servers, televisions, copiers and faxes that need cleaning behind and around to stop the build up of dust and dirt.
  3.  Light fixtures – These areas tend to be a haven for bugs and spider webs that can show up at inopportune times.  A thorough cleaning regularly will eliminate unsightly bug silhouettes
  4. Ceiling fans – Fans gather dust and can cause embarrassment if the dust flings off while a client is in the office.  Regular cleanings can stop the dust from building up on the blade.
  5. Baseboards  – An area that can gather dust and all sorts of stains are the baseboards.  Most people don’t even think about them until they start to notice the dirt and grim.
  6. Behind the toilets – The most overlooked area in the bathroom are the tiles and the floor behind the toilet.  This is mostly because they are hard to reach and require getting down on the floor to clean them.
  7. Plant Leaves – While plants can spruce up any office the leaves gather dust just like a piece of furniture.  While it is labor intensive, a damp cloth or a quick spritz of water can shine up the leaves and make a world of difference in the overall look of the office.

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