Spring Cleaning Part I

Now that this dreadfully long, cold winter is coming to a close, it is time to kick off the spring season.  Spring means sun and flowers and warm breezes.  It is also a chance to do a big spring cleaning of your office.  This is a great time to think about hiring a commercial cleaning service either for a one-time cleaning or long-term regular cleaning contract.  Depending upon the size of your business and your company’s  specific needs, J. Barrett Cleaning can help you and your company get off on the right foot this spring season.  Here are some tips that we find helpful in organization and cleanliness.

  • Sort, sort, sort – Chances are that your office has lots of papers.  Some may need to be filed, others need to be shredded and yet others can be trashed.  Now is a good time to sort out all the papers into those three categories and get yourself organized.  For the papers that need filing, make sure you follow the system that has been set up for your office.  If the system is not working, now may be the time to review a new filing system.
  • Take a Supply Inventory – Spring is a perfect time to update supply lists and organize those items in a supply closet or file.  Keep a list of items that need to be restocked.
  • Computer clean up – When your favorite desktop background starts getting obscured with icons, it’s time to de-clutter your virtual desktop. File away documents that you’ll need again, and send everything else off to the virtual recycle bin.
  • General cleaning – After you have organized and restocked your supplies now it is time to clean.  Wipe all surfaces down, clean computer monitors, and disinfect all machines with a moist disinfectant cloth.  (see next month’s blog on maintaining a germ free work environment).

A professional cleaning company can help you maintain this new organization and cleanliness.  Contact J. Barret for a quote and a description of our services.  Check out our next blog on exterior spring cleaning for your office.

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