Spring Cleaning Part II- Office Exterior

Spring has almost sprung!  Time to say farewell to snow piles, salt stains on the windows, and residue on the exterior walls of your office building.  Last blog we discussed spring cleaning and organizing your office interior.  Now we have some tips for spring cleaning the exterior of your business for a fresh, clean start to this season of new beginnings.

Time to shake off the winter blues and make a clean start.  Consider these tips:

  • Squeaky clean windows – Winter storms can leave a nasty residue all over that glass. A trick to cleaning is to clean the screens at this time as well.  Then start on the windows outside using warm water and soap first. Then use glass cleaner.  Once the gunk is off the outside head indoors to finish the job.
  • Gutters – Hire a professional like J. Barrett to clean out all the debris from your gutters.  Leaves, twigs and ice chunks may still be lodged in the gutters and will need to be removed.
  • Exterior pressure washer – The outside of your business may have gotten covered in salt and dirt from the splash of snowplows and storms this past winter.  Whether you need power washing for your entrance way, deck, driveway, patio, or roof, this cost effective method can quickly clean up all that grime.

Just by doing these three simple tasks, your company will look fresh and clean.  J. Barrett can help you with these tasks and keep the clean exterior maintained throughout the warmer months.

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