The Top Germ Infested Places in Your Office

A majority of us spend 8 hours or more a day at the office.  For the most part the office is usually a tidy place that looks and feels professional.  Despite the professional atmosphere, the office can still be a haven for all types of germs and bacteria.  It is a business owner’s responsibility to maintain a clean work environment and help prevent these germs from spreading around the office, risking employees with illness.  Let’s look at the top five areas that can be a refuge for germs.

  1. The Office Kitchen – The break room is often a great meeting place for employees! Unfortunately bacteria tends to gather there as well.  The kitchen sink is home to various different types of bacteria that can easily be transferred to different surfaces, including the food we eat. Everything from E. coli to Salmonella could be lurking in the kitchen or break room.
  2. The Refrigerator –  Old food and drinks which are neglected and aren’t thrown away can grow a variety of illness-inducing microorganisms like bacteria, fungi and mold. The office fridge is an important place to keep clean as bacteria can spread onto food that is not properly stored.
  3. The Floors – High traffic areas can become very dirty as employees and clients track in dirt and bacteria from outside.  Bacteria feed off of moisture and dirt, which is why custodial staff and cleaning companies concentrate on the floor more than anything else.
  4. Door Handles – Virtually everyone uses the door handles for entrance to and exit from the building. Door handles to individual offices can be germ ridden too, but all pale in comparison to the inside door handle of the bathroom. Door handles for therefore should be sanitized regularly.
  5. Copy Machine – The copy machine is another resting place for office germs. Users can try to avoid directly touching its buttons by using a pen cap or pencil top to operate the machine. A bottle of hand sanitizer and regular cleanings should help maintain the area.

While we may love where we work, be aware of these top places where germs may be gathering.  A professional cleaning company and personal safeguards can stop the spread of germs that could lead to illnesses.

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