Tips for a Successful Garage Sale

Like many American, your garage may be the dumping place of all the “stuff”  you don’t need or don’t know where to put.  Looking for a great way to get rid of your household and garage clutter and make some extra cash at the same time? A garage sale or yard sale may be just the ticket. Not only will you earn some quick cash but you will reclaim your clutter-filled garage.  Check out our tips on how to hold a successful garage sale.

  1. Collect sale items all year.  It may sound like a long process, but if you know you plan to have a yard or garage sale in the spring or fall next year start collecting and organizing now.  Keep empty boxes available for when you find items such as toys, clothes, games or household items that you no longer use.  Organize them into boxes for each category as you collect.  That way throughout the year you can just put new items in a consolidated area all year long.  When it comes time for the sale it is already collected and organized by type of item.
  2. Do a clean sweep a month or so before your sale.  Go through each room in your home or business and see what you no longer use or need.  Put those items into the boxes that you have already started collecting.
  3. Advertise – Once you have collected as many items as you can, advertise, advertise, advertise.  You could buy an ad in the local paper but if you would like to not spend money-  social media and craigslist are a great way to get the word out.  Don’t forget posters in key spots near your street on the day of your sale.
  4. Pricing – Now that you have a good stash of items you should start pricing them a week or so before the sale.  Instead of having to make up prices on the spot, people will know exactly how much something is. In addition, some people are too shy to ask the price of an item, so you’ll lose a sale if an item isn’t marked. Price things to sell.  People who frequent garage sales expect items to be a great price.  Remember the ultimate goal is to clean out your clutter not make huge dollars.  If you plan to do a multiple day yard sale, mark things down on the last day so they will go!
  5. Time the Garage Sale well – No one wants to go out to a yard sale in sweltering heat or frigid cold so hold yard/garage sales in the spring or fall when you can be sure the temps will be moderate.  Find out when most yard sales in your neighborhood are. . . most will be weekends but some towns have Thursday night sales.

Hosting a garage sale may not be the most exciting way to spend your weekend but in the end you will have a cleaner and more organized home and garage as well as some cash in your pocket.  Happy selling!

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