Tips for Cleaning your Keyboard

Our computers are our lifelines to work, friends and news.  Most of us spend hours a day in front of the computer and typing on the keyboard.  Unfortunately, most of us don’t take the time to properly clean our keyboards until a spill or accident occurs.  The frequency of how often a computer and the keyboard should be cleaned varies on different factors. Do people eat, drink or smoke near the keyboard? Do you have dogs, cats or small children that use the computer? All of these factors increase the need for regular cleanings.  So let’s look at some cleaning tips for this very important part of our lives.


  • Do NOT squirt any liquid into the computer parts including the keyboard.  If you do use liquid cleaners spray it on to a cloth first.
  • Do NOT use a vacuum to suck up dirt inside your computer.  The static electricity can damage the computer.  Use the vacuum to suck up dirt, dust or hair around the keyboard and monitor.
  • ALWAYS turn off the computer when cleaning its components.

Cleaning Tips

  • Compressed air.  This is also known as canned air and is a favorite for easy cleaning of keyboards and computer parts.  The canned air can blow dust, hair and crumbs out from between keys.
  • Microfiber Cloths – A microfiber cloth is designed to pick up dirt and dust much better than a napkin or dust cloth. Swipe it over the keys every once in a while.
  • Q- Tips – Dip Q-Tip into the isopropyl alcohol, and brush it along the tops of all the keys and surfaces, taking care to scrub heavily used areas (such as the Enter key and space bar) to remove buildup.
  • Post-Its – Take that little yellow square of paper from your desk and slide the sticky part into the key crevices. You’ll be surprised what it picks up! This is something you can do regularly without taking the board apart.

For keyboards that need special care or those that have not been cleaned in a while,  try removing the keys with a butter knife or screwdriver.  Once the keys are removed they can be washed in soap and warm water.  Be sure to dry completely before placing back on the board.  With a little regular maintenance your keyboard can remain clean and free of debris and germs.

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