Tips to Organize your Garage

Has your garage become the dumping spot for all the things that don’t fit into your house? Having trouble finding tools, equipment, toys, or bins of storage? Maybe it is time to organize your garage space to make it functional and (dare I say) attractive.  Here are some tips to help you get started organizing your garage.


  1. Start Sorting – Pull out items and group them in your yard by kind.  For example:  bikes, sports gear, garden tools, Holiday decorations, tools etc.
  2. Consolidate and Store – Sell or donate items that you really don’t need or are duplicates.  Once you have an idea of how many sports balls you have check out storage solutions online or at your local hardware store.  Here are some great ideas on Pinterest Storage Solutions.
  3. Install Storage – once you have a good grasp of how much stuff will be going back into your garage plan out your storage solutions.  For example don’t just think about the floors and walls remember a ceiling hook is a great place to hang bikes and save on space.  Invest in a peg board to hang tools, bins for toys and a rack for garden tools.  The more organization you use the easier it will be to find things when you really need them.
  4. Make it your own!  Jazz up the space with a funky paint on the floor or walls.  Install a speaker for music while you work or do something that shows off your personality.  The garage no longer has to be the dumping ground.

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